Tuesday, May 2, 2017

week 16


I am exhausted. Didn't this semester just start?

Today I did the last part of the programming of my final. Changing the color based on pulse intervals

Now I just have to attach my fiberoptic wires to my compression sleeve and it will be finished!

worked with hot glue to get the wires to adhere to the led and it was effective however there are some strands that are not lighting as bright as others.

I think perhaps super glue would have been more effective

I was not prepared for the difficulty of making a design that would work with the stretch of the sleeve and the bend of the elbow. But I did eventually get it worked out.

The arm band fits the components and the batteries very well and the slits at the bottom for headphones is perfect to run the fiber optics and pulse sensor through.

I am not pleased with the amount of light given off but it will have to do for now.

If I was to do it over again I would have had an additional LED and more fiber optics.

Coding was difficult, making changes to one thing seemed to always screw things up so once it worked I didn't want to chance making changes.

I am so glad to have this over with...it has been a long semester and I am thankful to be finishing and moving on!


Compression sleeve
Arm Band
Heat shrink
Fiber optic cable (whatever size you'd like)
Hot glue/gun
Thread and needle
Neo pixel RGB LED
Pulse Sensor
1000um capacitor
5 vol resistor

step one:

Download code onto arduino and test to run using a bread board

step two:

Solder the capacitor to connect with power and ground and then solder power and ground of the pulse sensor to the capacitor. Solder pulse input sensor to 0A port on arduino.
Use a resistor between the power pin of the LED and the LED itself.
Solder the the LED legs, positive, negative to corresponding legs of the LED.
Solder to ground and then the out put to digital 5 pin.

step three:
Compile your strands of fiber optic cable and put the heat shrink around it. Make sure all ends are even and flush to eachother
Heat the shrink material to hold the fibers tightly in place
glue the bundle directly to the LED
Insert fiber optics and pulse sensor into the bottom holes of the arm band
Insert Arduino board and battery into arm band

Begin getting creative, making designs or bending the fibers gently and hot gluing light points onto them.

attach to your compression sleeve either using hot glue or thread and needle

watch your heart rate come to life blinking green blue and red

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Week 15


Finally got my circuitry all working and soldered together.
I am very happy to have figured that all out

The code on the other hand is driving me nuts.
We can't seem to find a code that works that will do what we want it to do.
So I may have to modify my output.

I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed at this but once my other finals are done I feel I will be able to focus on this more.
Lack of sleep is getting to me and children's needs have been put off a lot which makes me feel like a guilty mom.

I'm excited to start putting together the fiber optic components now that the circuit and LED work. I can't wait to put it all together...the easiest part of the whole project.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Week 14

Monday: Thomas is sick and class is cancelled

Received arm compression sleeve and tune belt in the mail, however it was not the tune belt I had wanted, must reorder tune belt

Still waiting to figure out code

Week 13


-researched for LED code

-Tested sensor with test code
found the numbers represent time between beats
must find translation from that to BPM in order to create change in LED's from high to low BPM


-found sensor and LED code and ordered battery adapter



- programmed pulse sensor and LED code onto arduino
- still confused on how I am to change colors and translate the read out into BPM
- going to simplify the output to not be so difficult
- still waiting on fiberoptic wire

week 12

Monday-rain and road flooding

Wednesday- Thomas gone

Researched more on the LEDs and ordered arm compression sleeve and tune belt arm band



Friday, April 7, 2017


I am very interested in this article especially when it was written a decade ago but it so spot on with how things are today with technology and it's role in our lives. Also the neurological science research and understanding has increased and created a new perspective.

My favorite part of all of this reading is that we have always sought after ways to extend our reach as humans, to create tools that work for us in a smarter way.